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So.... day one hundred thousand billion of seven hundred zillion on Tabula Rasa. What do I do today? I'm bored of swimming. I've done quite enough combat dummy construction. I just had a sparring session with Seifer yesterday. ....books?

I made my way to the Compound rec room and consult the bookshelf. I know I'm asking for it, but boredom drives one to do things, you know? Hmm...

Big Red Tequila? Nope. Widower's Two-Step? Don't think so. The Last King of Texas? The Devil Went Down to Austin. What is it with these books today? I'm not in the mood for Wild West, okay? And, unfortunately, the bookcase doesn't seem to be giving me anything in ancient Greek. So, squint time I suppose. If I find anything...

A comic book? Sure. Whatever.

I take it out and lean back against the wall of the Compound. I open it and begin reading. I'm a bit ADD, so as time passes, I start swinging Backbiter around while I lean back and read. I'm aware that nobody's near me, so my sword isn't going to kill anyone. Accidentally, anyway. The comic book is mildly entertaining. A heroine named Cassie has taken on the name 'Wonder Girl' and is flying around doing her superheroine thing. But the more I read it, the more I start thinking that this is just the same kind of crap the gods push on the children in Camp Half-Blood. Use your powers to serve Us. Go do battle with whomever we sent you off to fight because you're always good and they're always bad. Because you're not our expendable pawn at all, you're a Hero. And Everyone wants to be a Hero. So, we'll just sit here on our duffs feeding off the fat of the land while you bust your butt and risk your life for no apparent reason. When you're dead, we'll just find a new Hero.

So my natural inclination is eventually to start rooting for the bad guys. I go through another page and roll my eyes. Olympus is actually in the story. Apparently, Wonder Girl got her powers from Zeus. Fantastic. Superb. Now I'm reading with a bit of disgust. The way everyone bows down to and respects that old tyrant sickens me. Zeus isn't that different from Kronos. They can both go to Tartarus for all I care. Then I come to the big climax. Wonder Girl is Zeus's daughter. My hand tightens on Backbiter's hilt. Oh, now I've really got it in for this stupid story and this hero. What kind of crap is this anyway? I don't even want to read anymore. I let it fall to the ground.

"Die, Cassie, die!" I say then take Backbiter and shove the sharp tip right into Cassie's fool head.


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