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It's been a nice day. But, then again, just about every day in Tabula Rasa looks nice even though I hate it here. But today's not as bad. Sam and I are on the second island on a camping trip. It was his idea. Guess he feels like hanging out with me. I can't really explain why. Maybe I'm interesting and he wants to get to know me more. Or maybe he thought a trip like this would help my mood.

One really good thing about the second island is that there's no Coraline. Ever since that dinner where she appointed herself my personal savior she's been hounding me. She's lucky I haven't run her through! If I had been back home leading our army, I would've sent her to be drakon chow long before this point. Hope is not for the doomed. I'd like to keep all of that off my mind for the next twenty-four hours.

The boat ride was fairly uneventful and quiet. I couldn't help thinking of Poseidon, his son, and Oceanos as the bright blue water goes by. I also remembered all that time I spent on the Princess Andromeda. Having a luxury suite is something I miss. It was much better than the refugee camp that we called Hermes Cabin back at Camp Half-Blood.

Stepping onto the second island, I wonder if I'll ever get over everything going on at home. I doubt it. Things were too intense and too important. I'm really disinterested in living a life here. Kind of a shame given that I'm not going to live all that long once I get back, but that's how it is. I can't pretend everything's okay here or that anything here matters. But I'll try and not be depressing company for Sam.

I lead as we make our way along. I know Sam isn't useless or helpless. He's survived Decepticon attacks. But, I'm the one with the legendary weapon, and the one who's more at comfortable in the wildnerness. After making our way and checking out the ruins of the space station portal, I lead us around a bit more before finding a spot to set up camp. Camp isn't much. Without real tents, it's just some blankets, pillows, and food and stuff. We set about gathering some wood to make a campfire. I spend some time getting it going. I'm not a total expert, but I'm good enough to light it. Finally I sit back and relax a bit more.

"Well, there we go. Fire's going good now."


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