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Rapture is dying. I am sure of that as I explore this place. This is no civilization. It's even more corrupt and twisted as Western Civilization back home. I'm glad I came, though. This gives me something to do besides mope around. I haven't really recovered from the shock of Annabeth's disappearance, so this is a great distraction. I've taken out a few Splicers here and there. There were even a couple that were walking on the walls. I finally have a use for Backbiter other than practice. So far, every one of my challengers has been left dead in the streets.

The names of the Olympian gods are all over this place. It's mostly the Roman forms, but they are more or less the same old gods. That's the biggest reason I'm not surprised at all that this place is falling apart. Even in other worlds, the gods I was born to are having their influence. Seifer told me he heard about a place called Mercury Suites. It's supposed to be a high class place where the rich and powerful gather. It's also named after my own unbeloved father. So, I've taken it upon myself to go check it out. Plus, there's the chance that there's some nice stuff out there that's in need of a new owner.

But for a while now, I've had the feeling of being watched. I backtracked a few times, but didn't find anyone. But now I've decided I won't go any further without figuring out what's going on. I have the feeling the area ahead could be even more dangerous, and I'd rather deal with who or whatever may be following me. I make a sharp turn around a corner, then take a step and crouch down in the shadows. Then I wait quietly.


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