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After a more interesting day at the Compound, I decided to go back home and wait up for Percy. He hadn't been back at our place when I got there, so I fired up the game system and started up dishing out some digital death.

Coraline had asked me if Percy liked her. She'd also mentioned Esther attacking her, and how she and Percy had some earlier conversation that hadn't answered her questions. I didn't honestly know anything about any of it. I'd told Coraline I'd ask Percy for her. Maybe the best thing would've been to insist that the two of them try talking again, but I thought I'd get in the middle here just for a bit. This could get messy considering not-Thalia, a.k.a. Valkyrie.

And, maybe Percy doesn't know either. I'll help him sort it out if he needs me. Anyway, until he gets here, I'm going to pile up the virtual bodies.
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Apparently I have amnesia. The circumstances are so bizzare, I'll continue wondering if this is all some demented trick, but to my amazement, this whole other-world amnesia story makes the most sense out of any other explanation, so it's probably right. After being away for a while, it's time to return to the hut. The hut that I apparently share with my arch-enemy, a.k.a. roommate, Percy Jackson. When I get there, I knock at the door.

"Percy? It's Luke. I'm better now. I won't go after you, honest. That is, if you trust me at all..."

I'm braced in case the kid goes at me, but I'm guessing he won't. I adjust the ice pack on my head slightly as I wait for him to open the door.
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I bolt upright, gasping for breath. The last thing I can remember was being in Mount Orthys. I was alone and counting down the hours and minutes of my life before it was time for Kronos to take me as his vessel and sunder the world. I'd nearly retched at the thought of going through with this. But now?! I don't understand why I'm in a bed. Did I pass out? Has it already happened?

My hand touches my face, my neck, my chest. I don't feel any different...

This isn't right. Something's gone wrong.

I turn my head and see a large sword close by. I immediately grip the hilt. It's not Backbiter, but within a moment, I've got a feel for the weight of it. This is a good sword. That's at least a good sign.

Getting out of the bed, I stand up and realize that I'm dressed differently. Odd. Then I realize I've got some light shorts on, but also an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. My expression darkens. Not funny. If this is some accursed attempt by Olympus to save their asses, they've got another thing coming! Luke Castellan does not go quietly. If I go down, I'm making it count for all it's worth whether I personally get to crush Olympus before I go or not. Those heartless gods may have found some way to kidnap me, but Ethan can take my place. We've always, always got a backup plan.

My backup plan, for now, consists of using this sword to get some answers, and maybe as much vengeance as I can get. Who knows? With the protection the Curse of Achilles, I might defeat everyone here and still make it back in time. Why keep the Fates waiting?

With sword in hand, I stealthily creep forward and open the door and move into the next room. A son of the god of thieves knows how to be quiet when he needs to be. I'm in some type of hut, and I can see a glimpse of outside. I'm somewhere in the tropics. There's a computer, game system, and some stuff in here like modern people live here. Hmm, exits. I see a front door out and another door to the side. I need to see if they've got Ethan too. I open it, and to my deep fury, I see Percy Jackson. My dark look darkens further to outright menacing. Percy always ruins EVERYTHING!

Not. This. Time.

"Percy Jackson," I declare with spite. I lower my blade slightly with a subtle, threatening gesture. "Don't move, hero."
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Ever since Valentine's Day, I've been a much better mood. I'm not dwelling so much about the past and the future. There's a present to live in. Being with Aphrodite is not only hot and highly enjoyable, I think it's snapped me out of the funk I've been in. I've just gotten done getting ready to go out to Aphrodite's hut once again, and I pause to consider my nearby roommate.

Percy has to suspect something by now. I know he'd often oblivious and easier to lead around than a puppy, but even Percy must be wondering why he hasn't seen me around a few nights, and less of me in general. Maybe his thing with Valkyrie has him distracted, but still. It's not like I've been actively trying to keep things with Aphrodite a secret, but I haven't really brought it up, either. Maybe he'll finally ask me what's going on this time.

I've got a bag with some extra clothes in it. I really should keep some things at her place now that we're going at it regularly. I pick it up and head into the main room where I see Percy there.

"Hey Percy. I'm going out. Don't wait up for me."
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I'll never understand this island. Why did an amusement park just appear? I suppose the island's response is 'why not?' It's been a lot of fun, so I guess I won't complain. Having an amusement park to hang out in is a nice change. It's also a good thing that things are really good now between Percy and I. We've been hanging out together and having fun. We spent nearly the whole day together today. We went on some rides, had some junk food, went in the batting cages, and played some games.

Percy and I were pretty good at the games, so we cleaned up on prizes. It also helps when you don't have to pay, so you don't really lose anything, and you can keep going and going. Getting the small mountain of prizes back to my hut was a pain, but I wasn't about to let any of our winnings go unclaimed. I get my minor kleptomania from my dad. After a long time at the park, Percy and I decided to crash at my place. His hut was still torn up for construction, plus my hut's still decked out with video games.

I've discovered that now and then video games are hard to stop if you're really on a roll and making good progress. I don't think either of us knew or cared that midnight had come and went. But even with most of my attention on the game, I still had an idea of what was going on around me. It's the demigod ADHD thing we have. We always have a battle awareness of our surroundings. At the hint of movement behind me, I immediately realize we're about to be attacked.

"Percy, look out!," I yell and I drop my controller and dive to the side.
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Just outside of Green Arrow Estates is the island's forge. I've used it a lot to make different practice weapons all these months of what seems like self-exile. It's been days since the jukebox recited our futures to us in Percy's voice, but it still seems like news to me. I haven't quite absorbed it all yet.

Percy and I told each other we should be friends now. It's so strange looking him in the eye and, for once, he knows everything and we're on the same side again. That is, if there really are 'sides' anymore. I guess that's the point of this ceremony thing. Percy suggested that we melt down Riptide and Backbiter, and I agreed. The two of us have used these weapons to fight each other. I thought the idea over, wondering why Percy suggested it, and I guess melting our swords down will be like melting the war back home down.

We considered inviting others, but in the end we decided to just do this thing together, just us. I'm looking forward to it. I genuinely want to reconnect with Percy. After hearing what he's going to do for me, I'm convinced I owe him more than just my life. Sweat is dripping off me as I work the bellows. I want to stoke the forge pretty hot for this. Percy's right near me, and I break the moment of silence.

"Percy. You don't have to melt Riptide. Backbiter is tied to Kronos, and tied to my betrayal. You've always stayed true, and fought for what's right. We could just throw in Backbiter."

Gods, I'm going to miss that sword. The sword is legendary. As Kronos's scythe, it cleaved one of the original immortals, Ouranos the sky, and brought forth the pantheon of the Titans. It created Aphrodite. It was a sign of my prestige. I've never fought with a better blade, and I doubt I ever will again. A large part of me wants to keep this sword, but, like I said, it's tied to Kronos and my betrayal. I have to melt it down like Percy suggested. I'll get by with a regular old sword.
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Like many stories begin, I was just sitting around minding my own business. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the jukebox turned on for me as it often does. I mean, hanging around in the rec room is just asking for trouble, isn't it? But instead of the usual songs it dumps on me, I'm surprised to hear it cut into Percy's voice, and he's telling a story. I can't imagine this is meant for me, because why would he tell me anything related to the battle that's about to happen in New York? This has got to be some kind of recording from the future, but how can that have happened? Percy's going to die in that battle. Maybe someone talked to his spirit in the Underworld? Hades' kid Nico could've done it. I sit back in my chair as the story goes on and give the thing my full attention. I'm amazed at the level of detail Percy is going to. He's not normally so focused on details, which makes me think this has got to be a spirit conversation.

As it plays, I see Percy and Thalia walk in. Before they can blame me for being up to something, I just put my hands up in a universal sign of hey-not-my-fault and motion over to some unoccupied chairs. If they want to hear about the end of all our lives, I'm not stopping them. It may be good for them to come to grips with the truth of how everything is going to end. I don't acknowledge the others coming in and out of the room. I'd rather hear this alone, but I don't really care too much about the other people around me, just as long as they keep their distance from me during this. Even Gabrielle. A brutal look and a glint of Backbiter's blade are all I need to keep them from smothering me like some lost puppy. I will NOT be pitied or consoled during this, PERIOD.

I'm not exactly liking the parts with Hestia in it. Who does she think she is explaining the details of my life and why I did what I did? Does it matter? Really? And when it talks about how I met my dad at home, I'm expressionless except for the iron grip I have on the armrests. Why is Hestia even bothering? Maybe she's just explaining to them why they're all about to meet in the Underworld together. Hestia should've joined Kronos. There's no point in her supporting Zeus needlessly.

As the narrative of the battle goes on, I hear about the sudden arrival of Ares cabin led by... Clarisse? Something is wrong. I can tell. As the voice goes on, a horrible idea forms in my head. No. She didn't! Tell me she didn't! Oh gods, Silena! I was going to protect you! All you had to do is stay out of it! Oh, gods!

”...Finally Annabeth managed to remove the girl’s helmet. We all gathered around: the Ares campers, Chris, Clarisse, Annabeth, and me. The battle still raged along Fifth Avenue, but for that moment nothing existed except our small circle and the fallen girl.

Her features, once beautiful, were badly burned from poison. I could tell that no amount of nectar or ambrosia would save her.

‘Something is about to happen.’ Rachel’s words rang in my ears. ‘A trick that ends in death.’

Now I knew what she meant, and I knew who had led the Ares cabin into battle.

I looked down at the dying face of Silena Beauregard.”

I turned her into my spy, and she just goes and sacrifices herself for their side. Somehow I manage to sit through it all without saying or doing anything. I struggle to shut it all off like I used to be able to. But I can't.

The battle rages on and then, finally, I appear in Percy's narrative. I'm the indomitable, invulnerable deity I imagined I would be. It's terrifying. I felt what it was like to be fully taken by Kronos last Halloween, and I can't even imagine what I'll feel like after having to house him for so long.

“...”YOU!” Annabeth turned on Luke. “To think that I...that I thought –"

She drew her knife.

“Annabeth, don’t.” I tried to take her arm, but she shook me off.

She attacked Kronos, and his smug smile faded. Perhaps some part of Luke remembered that he used to like this girl, used to take care of her when she was little. She plunged her knife between the straps of his armor, right at his collarbone. The blade should’ve sunk into his chest. Instead it bounced off. Annabeth doubled over, clutching her arm to her stomach. The jolt might’ve been enough to dislocate her bad shoulder.

I yanked her back as Kronos swung his scythe, slicing the air where she’d been standing.

She fought me and screamed, "I HATE you!” I wasn’t sure who she was talking to – me or Luke or Kronos. Tears streaked the dust on her face.”

My gut wrenches. My iron grip on my emotions is breaking. I want to yell out for it to stop, but instead I sit there silent and wait for the end. I'm no innocent kid. I've known our end would be more than horrible, but hearing about it like this is almost more than I can bear.


I'm sorry, Annabeth! Gods, I never told you all these months we were here on this accursed island. I'm SORRY! But the main reason I never said anything is because 'sorry' isn't enough. How could it be?

I try to keep calm as I reach Olympus. Percy's description of me starting to level Olympus is hollow comfort. I don't want revenge anymore. Make it stop! My stomach is in knots. I feel like I might puke, but I've got to hear this to the bitter end. I close my eyes and turn slightly away from Thalia as Percy describes Hera's statue coming down towards Annabeth and Thalia getting trapped.

And then the end nears. I feel a pang of regret as I hear Kronos kill Ethan. Another person gone. I wanted you to live, Ethan! Then Kronos goes for Backbiter, and Hestia's hearth burns my hands. I'll never wield a sword right again. Then, in the story, Kronos and I turn on Annabeth to finish her.


The word escapes my mouth right there in the rec room. My will is breaking. I raise my head and see Percy and Thalia taking in my haunted look. I shake my head fearfully. I don't want this, and I just can't keep up a mask anymore.

"Not Annabeth!"

”Luke,” she said, gritting her teeth, “I understand now. You have to trust me.”

Kronos roared in outrage. “Luke Castellan is dead! His body will burn away as I assume my true form!”

I tried to move, but my body was frozen again. How could Annabeth, battered and half dead with exhaustion, have the strength to fight a Titan like Kronos?

Kronos pushed against her, trying to dislodge his blade, but she held him in check, her arms trembling as he forced his sword down toward her neck.

“Your mother,” Annabeth grunted. “She saw your fate.”

“Service to Kronos!” the Titan roared. “This is my fate.”

“No! Annabeth insisted. Her eyes were tearing up, but I didn’t know if it was from sadness or pain. “That’s not the end, Luke. The prophecy: she saw what you would do. It applies to you!”

“I will crush you, child!” Kronos bellowed.

“You won’t,” Annabeth said. “You promised. You’re holding Kronos back even now.”

“LIES!” Kronos pushed again, and this time Annabeth lost her balance. With his free hand, Kronos struck her face, and she slid backward.

I summoned all my will. I managed to rise, but it was like holding the weight of the sky again.

Kronos loomed over Annabeth, his sword raised.

Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. She croaked, “Family, Luke. You promised.”

Perseus Jackson is not the hero of the prophecy. Neither is Thalia. We always assumed it had to be one of them. When Thalia joined the Hunters, it HAD to be Percy. In all my life, I've never been as shocked as I am right now. I, Luke Castellan, son of Hermes, am supposed to be the hero of prophecy!

I see it too, Annabeth! Gods, you're so smart! I'll do it! Please! I'll do it! I swear I'll save you all! But, oh Gods, you'll never give me a weapon! I can't say anything. I cup my hands around my eyes like a visor and sink into my chair. I know the others in the room are looking at me now. I can't bear to look back.

”...The line from the great prophecy echoed in my head: ‘A hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap.’ My whole world tipped upside down, and I gave the knife to Luke.

Grover yelped. “Percy? Are”

Crazy. Insane. Off my rocker. Probably.

But I watched as Luke grasped the hilt.

I stood before him – defenseless.

He unlatched the side straps of his armor, exposing a small bit of his skin just under his left arm, a place that would be very hard to hit. With difficulty, he stabbed himself.

It wasn’t a deep cut, but Luke howled. His eyes glowed like lava. The throne room shook, throwing me off my feet. An aura of energy surrounded Luke, growing brighter and brighter. I shut my eyes and felt a force like a nuclear explosion blister my skin and crack my lips.”

I don't want to die. I've never wanted to die. But what's being told to me sounds like a much better end to my life than I could have hoped for. The last words I'll ever speak will be directed to Percy.

He gripped my sleeve, and I could feel the heat of his skin like fire. “Ethan. Me. All the unclaimed. Don’t let it...Don't let it happen again...”

His eyes were angry, but pleading too.

“I won’t,” I said. “I promise.”

Luke nodded, then his hand went slack.

I struggle to keep myself together as I hear myself beg Percy to not let what happened to me and Ethan happen to anyone else. Then I'm dead. Gods, I’m DEAD. I destroyed Kronos. I really destroyed the bastard! I suddenly look up and glance around the room. They're all looking at me. I'm sure my eyes are all red now and I must look like I'm about to lose it. Just as suddenly, I turn back to the radio and hold out a hand. I want to hear every last word of this. Delaying everyone's reaction is just an added benefit.

The gods offer Percy immortality. I'm not surprised. Percy has accomplished more than any other hero, including the ones from ancient times. But he refuses. I can see why. The way Percy describes Annabeth has shown everyone how he feels about her. I can also understand NOT wanting to live as an immortal, especially with the Olympians. Instead, he makes them swear on the River Styx that they claim their children and honor the minor gods. He's using his hero's reward to fulfill my dying wish. Percy! I can't even describe how I'm feeling. I just try and keep my face blocked from view and breathe. It's only my need to hear everything that keeps me together.

Percy tells me about my own funeral.

My father leads the procession, and the Fates themselves deliver my remains to the Underworld.

Then finally the jukebox falls silent.

[OOC: Gathering-style. Excerpts are from “The Last Olympian” by Rick Riordan.]
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Rapture is dying. I am sure of that as I explore this place. This is no civilization. It's even more corrupt and twisted as Western Civilization back home. I'm glad I came, though. This gives me something to do besides mope around. I haven't really recovered from the shock of Annabeth's disappearance, so this is a great distraction. I've taken out a few Splicers here and there. There were even a couple that were walking on the walls. I finally have a use for Backbiter other than practice. So far, every one of my challengers has been left dead in the streets.

The names of the Olympian gods are all over this place. It's mostly the Roman forms, but they are more or less the same old gods. That's the biggest reason I'm not surprised at all that this place is falling apart. Even in other worlds, the gods I was born to are having their influence. Seifer told me he heard about a place called Mercury Suites. It's supposed to be a high class place where the rich and powerful gather. It's also named after my own unbeloved father. So, I've taken it upon myself to go check it out. Plus, there's the chance that there's some nice stuff out there that's in need of a new owner.

But for a while now, I've had the feeling of being watched. I backtracked a few times, but didn't find anyone. But now I've decided I won't go any further without figuring out what's going on. I have the feeling the area ahead could be even more dangerous, and I'd rather deal with who or whatever may be following me. I make a sharp turn around a corner, then take a step and crouch down in the shadows. Then I wait quietly.


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