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I can admit to myself that I'm confused. I don't know what power Percy could've used to abduct me from the heart of Mount Orthys. I don't know why he left me unguarded, unrestrained, and with access to a weapon. I don't know why he started trying to get me to believe that we're no longer enemies. But, then again, Percy always was a poor planner. Maybe finally his string of successes got to his head, and he never expected things to finally go bad for him.

He may have escaped me for the time being, but I will hunt him down and be done with him once and for all!! The truth is that I'm pissed off, and I don't think I even care what's going on anymore. Percy's ruined every one of my plans, and so help me, that kid will finally, finally pay. I'm at the end. The very end! There's only so far I can be pushed. If I can't even give up, either to Annabeth or to Kronos, I'm just going to go after that self-righteous son of Poseidon until my last breath. How dare he try this lame stunt! Vengeance is all I have left. I've lost everything else. He can not take that away from me too.

As I stride forward across the unfamiliar landscape, I shout out, "Per-cy!!" Come on out and face me. Bring it.
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I bolt upright, gasping for breath. The last thing I can remember was being in Mount Orthys. I was alone and counting down the hours and minutes of my life before it was time for Kronos to take me as his vessel and sunder the world. I'd nearly retched at the thought of going through with this. But now?! I don't understand why I'm in a bed. Did I pass out? Has it already happened?

My hand touches my face, my neck, my chest. I don't feel any different...

This isn't right. Something's gone wrong.

I turn my head and see a large sword close by. I immediately grip the hilt. It's not Backbiter, but within a moment, I've got a feel for the weight of it. This is a good sword. That's at least a good sign.

Getting out of the bed, I stand up and realize that I'm dressed differently. Odd. Then I realize I've got some light shorts on, but also an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. My expression darkens. Not funny. If this is some accursed attempt by Olympus to save their asses, they've got another thing coming! Luke Castellan does not go quietly. If I go down, I'm making it count for all it's worth whether I personally get to crush Olympus before I go or not. Those heartless gods may have found some way to kidnap me, but Ethan can take my place. We've always, always got a backup plan.

My backup plan, for now, consists of using this sword to get some answers, and maybe as much vengeance as I can get. Who knows? With the protection the Curse of Achilles, I might defeat everyone here and still make it back in time. Why keep the Fates waiting?

With sword in hand, I stealthily creep forward and open the door and move into the next room. A son of the god of thieves knows how to be quiet when he needs to be. I'm in some type of hut, and I can see a glimpse of outside. I'm somewhere in the tropics. There's a computer, game system, and some stuff in here like modern people live here. Hmm, exits. I see a front door out and another door to the side. I need to see if they've got Ethan too. I open it, and to my deep fury, I see Percy Jackson. My dark look darkens further to outright menacing. Percy always ruins EVERYTHING!

Not. This. Time.

"Percy Jackson," I declare with spite. I lower my blade slightly with a subtle, threatening gesture. "Don't move, hero."


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