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There was one handsome man sleeping fitfully. There was one ridiculously attractive man yawning loudly as his hand came up to rub his eyes. And there was one beautiful goddess in bed with him. Or rather with her. What?

Coraline blinked confused down at Aphrodite, looking at her puzzled before letting out a startled yell at her everything. Falling backwards out of bed, Coraline averted her eyes anywhere that wasn't you know Aphrodite.

"Um, why are you in bed with me?" Coraline began, trying to untangle herself from the sheets. Her legs and arms going everywhere. She paused, looking up wide eyed and frantic at Aphrodite. "Why do I sound like Luke? Why do I-" Coraline glanced down. "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?"

Coraline looked horrified down at what she never, ever, ever wanted to see in a million years. She was pretty sure Luke's body was blushing, if it wasn't then she was dying inside. Actually, genuinely dying. What the hell was his body doing- oh god no. "Nope, this isn't happening. Nope! STOP HAPPENING BODY!"

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Aphrodite lets out a sleepy noise of protest at the rude awakening, not even bothering to open her eyes. "It is so way too early for that to be even remotely funny, Smartass," she murmurs. She lifts one hand lazily and beckons him with a wiggle of her fingers. "Come back to bed."
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At that, Aphrodite does open her eyes, her hand falling back to the mattress. "Oh, great, it's one of those things," she says, raising up and propping herself on her elbows. "Okay, if you're not Luke, then..."

She thinks for a second. "You were about to say Percy. Coraline?"

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"That just makes me even more sure you're Coraline," Aphrodite says, rolling her eyes as she slips out of bed and pads naked to the dresser. "Hang on, I'll get you some clothes."

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Aphrodite doesn't turn around, pulling things from one of Luke's drawers as she answers. "It's just a naked body, it's the same stuff you have normally. And it isn't anything those eyes haven't seen before." Pausing, she sighs and turns to grab her short pink bathrobe from a nearby chair and slips it on. "There, is that better? No more scary lady parts."

A moment later, she's gathered underwear, shorts and a t-shirt and she turns to bring them to Coraline. "What do you mean, what I want from you? You've been through enough of these things to know I didn't have anything to do with this. I don't like it any more than you do. Why would I want a teenage girl occupying my boyfriend's body?"

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No, he loves me, Aphrodite wants to say, but she keeps the comment to herself, knowing now is not the time to be getting into that discussion. Coraline's understandably pretty preoccupied, considering how it didn't seem to register that Aphrodite had just referred to Luke as her boyfriend.

"Here," she says, setting Luke's clothes in front of Coraline. "Stop hiding under there and get dressed, if seeing his penis bothers you that much. You are going to have to deal with it, though, for the next few days."

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"What do you think it means?" Aphrodite says, incredulous. "You're going to have to deal with being in Luke's body, which includes having a penis. Now are you going to get up and get dressed or are you going to sit naked on my floor all day?"

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Aphrodite rolls her eyes again at how ridiculous Coraline is making Luke's body look, contorting as she dresses to try and keep Aphrodite from seeing bare skin she's intimately familiar with.

"I won't tell Percy," she says, turning to go get dressed herself. "But I'm guessing he's going to find out somehow. He and Luke do live together, after all. And Luke's bound to run into him at some point in...whatever body he's in." And that's something Aphrodite wants to find out, as soon as possible.

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"Why would he look at you like he doesn't like you?" Aphrodite says, looking over with a puzzled frown as she buttons up her top. "You're hardly the only person this has happened to, I bet, and Perce knows it's the island that did this."

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"Well obviously you won't look like you," Aphrodite says, now fixing her copious blonde curls into something more presentable. "And he understands that. I think you're overthinking this, Coraline. It's a weird island thing, it'll be over in a few days, and we'll get on with our lives."


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