Jul. 31st, 2012

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This whole amnesia thing has made me uncomfortable. I don't like the feeling of having to trust everyone around me about all of these things I'm going to do, and about this life I've supposedly led here. So, I'm going to turn a one-eighty and suddenly kill Kronos by sacrificing myself. I believe that. As much as I want to smash Olympus, I hate Kronos more. I just never thought I'd have the will to overcome him. I still don't completely understand that. What also burns me is that Olympus, once again, gets a free pass. When all is said and done, they get away with everything, and what happened to me will continue happening for centuries yet to come. But, at least I didn't leave the world worse off.

Ever since that first day, I haven't wanted to talk about things back home. I haven't been all that talkative period. I'm having such a hard time dealing with all this. I'm going to believe what all of the people around me are telling me, but I'm not about to open up to any of them. So, most of my time has been hiking around the island, watching television in the rec center, and just doing chores and sword practice. Aphrodite keeps asking me to stop by, so I have a few times. I think there's more between us she isn't telling me. I suspected that from the first day. I just wish I could remember on my own!

Today is another one of the times she's pinned me down for a visit, so here I am. I casually rap my knuckles against the door to knock as I look out across this weird island.


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