Sep. 11th, 2011

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Just outside of Green Arrow Estates is the island's forge. I've used it a lot to make different practice weapons all these months of what seems like self-exile. It's been days since the jukebox recited our futures to us in Percy's voice, but it still seems like news to me. I haven't quite absorbed it all yet.

Percy and I told each other we should be friends now. It's so strange looking him in the eye and, for once, he knows everything and we're on the same side again. That is, if there really are 'sides' anymore. I guess that's the point of this ceremony thing. Percy suggested that we melt down Riptide and Backbiter, and I agreed. The two of us have used these weapons to fight each other. I thought the idea over, wondering why Percy suggested it, and I guess melting our swords down will be like melting the war back home down.

We considered inviting others, but in the end we decided to just do this thing together, just us. I'm looking forward to it. I genuinely want to reconnect with Percy. After hearing what he's going to do for me, I'm convinced I owe him more than just my life. Sweat is dripping off me as I work the bellows. I want to stoke the forge pretty hot for this. Percy's right near me, and I break the moment of silence.

"Percy. You don't have to melt Riptide. Backbiter is tied to Kronos, and tied to my betrayal. You've always stayed true, and fought for what's right. We could just throw in Backbiter."

Gods, I'm going to miss that sword. The sword is legendary. As Kronos's scythe, it cleaved one of the original immortals, Ouranos the sky, and brought forth the pantheon of the Titans. It created Aphrodite. It was a sign of my prestige. I've never fought with a better blade, and I doubt I ever will again. A large part of me wants to keep this sword, but, like I said, it's tied to Kronos and my betrayal. I have to melt it down like Percy suggested. I'll get by with a regular old sword.


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